The 7th International Conference on Emerging Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (EUSPN)
September 19-22, 2016, London, United Kingdom

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Atta Badii is the founding director of the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory (ISR) and the European Inter-Disciplinary Centre of Excellence in Socio-Ethical Privacy-Preserving Video/Data-Analytics at the University of Reading UK, where he is a high ranking Professor of Secure Pervasive Technologies. Atta also holds “the highest designation of Honorary Senior Professor of System Engineering and Digital Innovation" at the Catholic University of Cordoba, Argentina. He has a track record of over 20 years of trans-disciplinary academic and industrial research contributions in systems engineering, rooted in the disciplines that contribute to socially responsible and inclusive innovation of security-privacy-aware ICT to serve pervasive-assistive technologies with significant application domains including i) Smart Cities and IoT, ii) Big Data, e-Learning and e-Government, iii) Cyber Security and Surveillance, iv) Cognitive Robotics for Care-Support, v) e-Health, Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering. A detailed information about Dr. Badii can be found HERE

Talk Title: X-Events, Y-Futures: The World of Unforesee-ables, Undecide-ables and Manage-ables

Abstract This talk will address the seamless integration and abstraction of Cyber Physical and Social Systems CPSS to support city management and minimising the incidence of natural and man-made disasters, and , x-events. The enabling socio-technology is the secure semantic integration of physical infrastructures through pervasive Intent-of-Things, Open Data Services, and Participative Social Engagement Platforms to foster the vision of Mass-Scalable Smart Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Systems providing on-demand services including helping protect humanity from itself. This requires a unified platform capable of providing abstraction from the complexities of embedded systems that are necessary for monitoring and control of the physical environment.

The essentially distributed and pervasive usage of such a platform and the need for processing huge amounts of data and yet be capable of providing a real-time user experience have to be underpinned by advancement in Big Data storage, transformation, correlation, deep learning and model building as well as by parallel computation and visualization. The User Experience would be critically dependent on self-adaptive interfaces and seamless point-of-decision support to enable faster and smarter human-machine response to complex scenarios and to learn from them to continuously refine the analytic models and explanations.

X-Events are always waiting in the wings to catch humanity by surprise; CPSS may prove all that humanity could ever have at its disposal to minimise their effects….

So what are we waiting for?….

This talk will address a number of enablers and barriers in mass-scale deployment of CPSS as well as ethical risks and possible safeguards and opportunities for socially-rooted, societally responsive and responsible innovation – accountability co-design of the future.

Dr. Gugs Lushai is the Chief Executive of Life Sciences Healthcare Ltd (a management consultancy); Former Managing Director of Medilink SW (Technology Network); Head of Medical Biotechnology for the UK Government, BIS and Program Director, Biotechnology and Medical Technology (BioMedical) for the South West RDA (SWRDA). A career spanning 24 years Gugs has been a BioMedical advisor for Industry, government, NHS, PSRE and academic organizations for the last 12 years. He has National and International networks across the US, S. America, Japan, India and China with a live rolodex of over 1400 Linked-In contacts and has been Chair for several influential cutting edge Industry groups including the South West of England Diagnostics Consortia. Gugs is central to steering business growth and strategic development for UK Organisations, SMEs, Corporate and Government in the Life Sciences and Medtech Industries. His focus has been on fast-tracking business development through obtaining capital and innovation funding and entering new markets. Gugs is currently engaged in strategic support/NED roles with Medilink SW and The Medtech Innovation Expo; The Genomics Analysis Centre (Systems Biology Platform commercialisation); iSeeU Global (ICT workflow efficiencies); Velocity RDT (Energy conservation) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (Medical Tech Industry Liaison). Gugs has a life sciences Ph.D. from Imperial College, London, with 12 years of R&D and innovation development.

Talk Title: A digital landscape underpinning the advent of Precision Medicine, a new paradigm for healthcare

Abstract A new medical paradigm described as Precision Medicine (“PM”) is coming of age. PM is a hot topic in healthcare today and rooted in life sciences and medical technology developments. Precision medicine encompasses providing the best care for each patient by using insight from all the available actionable data. This is not treating each person with a ‘personalised’ therapy, but means systematically combining data to help make clinical decisions that improve patient outcomes. It is an approach to healthcare founded on emerging new abilities to class diseases as they impact a variable patient population. This ability is anchored by the capacity to handle increasingly large data sets targeted at understanding clinical pathways in much more detail. In this paper PM is reviewed alongside new and existing digital technologies able to transform the health care offered. Important insight is reviewed as to how to grasp those possibilities and benefits whilst appreciating some of the pitfalls to be avoided. This is against the global appreciation that health care is at least a decade behind other industries in the use of information communication technology. A conservative value for the PM market is $20 billion globally. This includes a market for tests, therapies and solutions that is expected to grow to $80 billion by 2020. More optimistic appraisals indicate a market 10 x greater.