Camera Ready Submission


All Symposiums and Workshops Affiliated with ANT and SEIT 2016 Conferences

All accepted papers from symposiums or workshops affiliated with ANT and SEIT conferences will be published by Elsevier Science in the open-access Procedia Computer Science series on-line.

Please register your paper on or before March 18, 2016. Failure to register by this date and submit your camera-ready files before March 21, 2016 ends, will result in your paper being not included in the proceeding and the final program.

Please, follow the following steps in order to prepare your camera ready paper:

  1. Camera-Ready Paper
    To prepare the Camera-Ready paper, follow the reviewers' comments sent to you by e-mail and make sure that you meet the current guidelines of Procedia Computer Science, and this year MS Word Template, Latex, Elsevier.

    Please make sure that you have used the correct template and entered the name of the workshop in "Conference title". An example of a file with ABMTRANS workshop title can be found HERE.

    In the template:

      - Do not make any changes to the structure of the template as this can lead to production errors.

      - Do not alter the formatting and style layouts which have been set up in the template document Procedia Computer Science.

      - Add the names of all authors and their affiliations.

      - Add the phone number, fax number and email address of the corresponding author only at the bottom of the first page.

  2. Number of Pages
    The total number of pages is limited to 6 pages. Two extra pages can be added. But for each extra page, a fee of €65 will be charged. The maximum number of pages (including extra pages) is strictly limited to 8 pages.

  3. Registration
    In order for your paper to be included in the proceedings at least one author must register and pay the registration fees in full by the deadline. Registration will be handled online using the following webpage: Registration Link.

  4. Naming and Submission of Camera-ready

    Name your file as follows: WorkshopName_PaperID_Transaction ID.pdf

    - WorkshopName: Short form of the workshop (e.g., ABMTRANS, BASNet, IUPT, IWSRON, etc.).
    - Paper ID: The number you received when you submitted your paper via EasyChair, or the number assigned to your paper by the workshop organizers.
    - Transaction ID: This number can be found in the Payment Confirmation email you received after completing the registration form.

  1. Copyright Form
    You will be contacted by Elsevier directly to complete the copyright form

  2. Corresponding Author Information
    Complete the Author Information file and save it as follows: WorkshopName_PaperID_Transaction ID.xls.

  3. Required File

    Send the zip archive on or before March 21, 2016, containing the following:

    1) Camera-ready paper in a pdf format.
    2) Camera-ready paper source file (Ms_Word or Latex).
    3) Completed author information file in xls format.

    By email to Conference Camera Ready   (Subject of your email is: WorkshopName_PaperID_Transaction ID).


Note You may be asked to revise your camera ready copy if it does not conform to the Procedia Computer Science publishing guidelines.

For inquiries and assistance to the camera-ready submission, please contact Conference Camera Ready